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DIY Coconut Oil Lip Scrub – Perfect for Winter

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If during the winter your lips need some extra help to stay soft, smooth and healthy, this DIY coconut oil lip scrub might be just the thing you need.

It is nourishing, regenerating and restoring, inexpensive, fast and easy to make and completely customizable. I bet you will love it as much as I do!

When it comes to lip care, most of us focus only on coating our lips with a lip balm. But during the winter, your lip balm needs to sink through all the layers of dry, chapped, flaky skin.

The hydration and protective ingredients barely even reach the new, young lip skin underneath – the skin that actually needs nourishment.

Seriously, if you are skipping exfoliating your lips, you are missing out on a lot. A good, quality lip scrub sloughs away all the flakes and dead skin cells, allowing your lip balm to penetrate deeper into the skin.

It ultimately gives you supple, soft, healthy lips and a subtle, natural rosy hue.

Two small jars of all-natural homemade lip scrub with sugar, honey and coconut oil

I’ve been skipping using a lip scrub long enough to know for a fact it really does make a difference. Now, I can’t imagine not having a small jar of a DIY lip scrub on my bathroom counter at all times.

I’ve tried a few recipes, but this DIY lip scrub with coconut oil, honey and sugar is by far my favorite. It makes my lips sooo soft and smooth, and I even forgot how it looks like to have chapped lips.

Plus, I always have all the ingredients on hand and I need only a few minutes to mix it up every time I run out.

The Ingredients for This Diy Lip Scrub:

A small jar or DIY coconut oil lip scrub

Coconut oil is a natural emollient that protects the lips and keeps them well moisturized. It helps recover dry, cracked lips, restores them and soothes the sensitive areas.

Coconut oil is also pretty inexpensive and common ingredient that many of us have on hand. But if you don’t have it, or you simply don’t like it, you can replace it with any other natural oil.

The oils that are especially lip-friendly are: jojoba, castor, argan, olive, sweet almond, flaxseed, avocado…

Honey is a superfood for your lips. It provides the lips with numerous nutrients and antioxidants, nourishes and protects them.

Raw organic honey is great in healing the chapped lips and improving their overall look and feel. Honey is also a humectant that attracts moisture to your lips and keeps them soft, supple, plump and well hydrated.

If your lips crack often during the winter time, you can use honey as a topical treatment – just apply a small amount to your lips and leave it on for as long as you can resist not to lick it off.


Sugar is one of the best natural exfoliators you can use for your lips. It is rough enough to slough off all the dry, chapped, flaky skin and help the other ingredients to better nourish your lips. It is also naturally moisturizing and it improves collagen production.

Sugar leaves your lips soft, smooth, plump and sensual. It subtly intensifies their color to a natural fleshy red hue. You can use white sugar to get a harsher scrub, or brown sugar if you want your scrub to be gentle.


How to Make DIY Lip Scrub with Coconut Oil:

Freshly made DIY lip scrub with coconut oil, honey and sugar
This lip scrub is ridiculously easy to make. Once you have all the ingredients (and the chances are you already do), you need less than 5 minutes to mix it up.

You will need:

  • 1 teaspoon extra virgin coconut oil
  • 1 teaspoon raw organic honey
  • 3 teaspoons sugar (white or brown)
  • a couple of drops essential oil – optional (I sometimes like to add 1 – 2 drops of peppermint and lavender each. It is not necessary, but it takes my humble lip scrub to a whole other level.)
  • a pinch of cinnamon or 1 drop of cinnamon essential oil – optional (Cinnamon stimulates microcirculation and that way adds a natural rosy hue to your lips. But, lots of people get an allergic reaction to cinnamon when applying it topically, even if they never had problems when eating it. So, if you are using it, be sure to patch-test the scrub before applying it to your lips.)

All the ingredients for DIY lip scrub on a white plate - a teaspoon of coconut oil, a teaspoon of honey and 3 teaspoons of white sugar

How to Make DIY Coconut Oil Lip Scrub:

First melt the coconut oil, or at least warm it up to soften, so you can easily mix it with the other ingredients. Add the honey and mix until the two are well combined.

Then add the sugar. Add just enough to get the right texture – similar to wet sand. If your scrub is too dry, add some more coconut oil. If it is too oily, add more sugar.

All the ingredients for coconut oil lip scrub mixed on a plate

You can also add essential oils (not too much, or they can irritate your skin) and a pinch of cinnamon. Or, be creative and add whatever you think would go well with the rest of the ingredients, to create your own custom coconut oil lip scrub.

Anyways, mix everything well and transfer the scrub to a small clean glass or metal container. To ensure your lip scrub won’t spoil in a day or two, it would be best to wipe the inside of the container with alcohol and check the expiration dates of each ingredient you are using.

DIY coconut oil lip scrub transferred to a small glass container

To use coconut oil lip scrub, just apply a small amount to your lips and gently exfoliate them for around 5 minutes. Then rinse the scrub off and apply a lip balm.

(My recommendation would be this complementary DIY Coconut Oil Lip Balm. Or, if you’d like to add a bit of a lip plumping effect, you can try out DIY Lip Plumper with Cinnamon Essential Oil.)

So, that’s how I make my DIY coconut oil lip scrub. If you tried it out, have any questions or if you have some other lip scrub recipe to share, let me know in the comments…

And if you’d rather try out a lip scrub without honey and coconut oil, check out this other recipe here.

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