DIY Lip Plumper – The Best Natural Lip Enhancer You Can Make At Home

This DIY lip plumper gives amazing results while nourishing your lips at the same time. Plus, you can completely customize how much it is going to prickle (and how much it is going to plum your lips), and make it really special by adding your favorite color.

I know – it sounds crazy that in 2018 you should make a DIY lip plumper from scratch with so many products on the market. But when it comes to lip enhancing product, it seems they are either underachieving or way too expensive.

Most lip balms I’ve tried didn’t hydrate my lips properly. The ingredients are mostly mere extracts of the real goodies. After a while, some of them start to smell really bad. And some, with time, dried out my lips, making them need more and more lip balm – now, that was a nightmare!

And if, on top of the usual expectations, you’re trying to find a product that will make your lips look bigger and plumper – well, good luck with that.

Most commercial lip plumpers just don’t work. You can feel some slight tingling, but your lips look pretty much the same.

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Which brings us back to DIY lip plumpers. The amazing thing with this DIY lip plumper is that you have complete control over the quality. You know exactly what goes on your lips. It is super easy and fast to make. Plus, this natural lip plumper is completely customizable – you can add anything you think would go well with the rest of the ingredients and skip anything you don’t want in your lip balm.

This DIY lip plumper will make your lips look plump and sensual, thanks to the cinnamon essential oil.

Why Cinnamon Essential Oil?

Cinnamon oil, when applied to the thin skin of your lips, will irritate the skin, which will speed up the blood flow and cause your lips to slightly swell. That is why you should never apply pure cinnamon oil to your skin, but it gives amazing results as a part of this DIY lip plumper. When cinnamon oil boosts the circulation and the blood rushes into your lips, it will intensify their color, giving them natural, fleshy red hue, and make them look adorably sensual – like you’ve just been kissed.

All in all, this is a perfect product for everyone who wants to noticeably enhance their lips’ appearance in a natural way. However, patch test the balm on your skin before using it on your lips. Cinnamon oil is known to cause allergic reactions, even to people who have never had a reaction to cinnamon when eating it.

If you just need a product that will nourish your lips and you don’t want a DIY lip plumper, you can just omit cinnamon oil and get an amazing, super-caring and hydrating lip balm. Or you can try these DIY lip scrub and lip balm.

DIY Lip PlumperDIY lip plumper in a small jar and in a tube

  • 1 teaspoon coconut oil
  • 1 teaspoon Vaseline
  • ½ teaspoon jojoba oil
  • 5 – 10 drops cinnamon essential oil
  • pigment powder (optional)

Mix coconut oil, Vaseline and jojoba oil. If your coconut oil is too firm, you can melt it before adding the other ingredients.

Then add cinnamon oil. The amount you should add depends on your lips, the effect you want to achieve and your tolerance to tingling (and even burning) sensation. Start with small amounts, just a couple of drops, and then you can gradually add more until you are happy with the result.

You can also add pigment powder in a shade of your choice, or just leave it transparent.

Transfer the mixture into a small, sterile container and there you have it – your own all-natural DIY lip plumper.


Want to see cinnamon based balm in action? You can check how Huda Kattan makes her own DIY lip plumper in this video. And if Huda uses it, you know you want to try it out!

You can also check out these DIY lip scrub and lip balm recipes, to deep-nourish your lips and make them really stand out.

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  1. Michelle said:

    What can I use if I don’t have jojoba oil?

    July 6, 2019
    • Jovana R. said:

      Hi Michelle,
      You can use any natural oil you have on hand. Macadamia, sweet almond, sesame, olive, argan, castor or avocado oil… As long as the oil is pure and organic, it will do a great job in moisturizing and nourishing your lips, which is especially important since cinnamon oil can dry them out.
      However, I would use some carrier, not essential, oil.

      July 6, 2019

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