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Aloe Vera and Honey Mask – A Super Hydrating DIY Face Mask

A jar of DIY face mask with aloe vera gel and honey

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Two simple ingredients that make a powerful combination – this DIY aloe vera and honey mask is hydrating, nourishing, refreshing, rejuvenating, energy-boosting and just perfect for dull, greyish, dehydrated skin.

    • The best DIY face mask ever, and so quick and easy to make!
    • Only two ingredients, aloe vera and honey, both soothing, hydrating and rejuvenating;
    • You can also add other ingredients, to adjust the mask to your skin concerns.

Everyone sometimes has a ‘bad skin day’. Even if your complexion is more or less even, you don’t have acne or very oily or dry skin, eventually you wake up some day and look like you didn’t sleep a second.

You don’t know why. You don’t know how. All you know is – your skin needs help ASAP.

If your face looks grey, tired and worn out, kind of dull and dehydrated, this DIY aloe vera and honey mask is just what you need to make it healthy and radiant again. You can make it in under 5 minutes and practically at no cost. It is a perfect quick fix that will restore and replenish your skin in no time.

Here’s how this amazing aloe vera and honey mask can help your skin and why you should be using it all the time:

Aloe Vera and Honey Face Mask – Benefits

Freshly made aloe vera and honey mask for acne, skin imperfections and dull complexion

Aloe vera and honey face mask can benefit your skin in many ways. Both of the ingredients are famous for their healing and regenerating effect to the skin. Both aloe vera and honey are suitable for all skin types. And they can both give you the skin you dream of.

Aloe vera gel provides lots of moisture, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It can soothe all sorts of skin irritations, fade acne marks and dark spots and give you an even, youthful complexion. This gel replenishes the skin and makes it plump and supple.


Honey is one of the most soothing and healing ingredients you can find. It is a natural humectant that moisturizes your skin without making it oily. Honey purifies the skin and noticeably reduces skin imperfections. It prevents premature aging signs and gives you a bright, dewy glow.


Here’s how to make this amazing aloe vera and honey mask:

Aloe Vera and Honey Mask Recipe

Homemade aloe and honey face mask

  • 1 tablespoon aloe vera gel
  • 1 tablespoon honey

When making DIY beauty products with aloe vera gel, it is always best to use freshly extracted gel. You can also buy aloe vera gel online. Just try to get as pure gel as you can (no artificial scents and colors).

It is also important to use raw, organic honey that, unlike processed honey, won’t irritate your skin. And if you have Manuka honey, definitely use that one – it has amazing soothing, healing and protective effects to the skin.

How to make a face mask with honey and aloe vera gel - Step 1 - Put all the ingredients into a small bowl.

To make this aloe vera and honey mask, all you have to do is mix both the ingredients well together. If you want, you can also add some ingredient suitable for your skin type from the list down below. But you can just use aloe vera and honey on their own – they make one of the best skincare treatments you can find.

How to make a face mask with honey and aloe vera gel - Step 2 - Mix everything well together to get a smooth paste.

Once you get a smooth paste, wash your face using a gentle face cleanser and warm water. Apply a thin layer of the mask; you can reapply later, as your skin starts to absorb the mask.

Leave the mask on for 20 – 30 minutes, then rinse off well. Apply your face moisturizer while your skin is still damp, to lock in the moisture.

If you’ve made more than you need, transfer what’s left to a small clean glass jar and store it in the fridge.

How to Customize Aloe Vera and Honey Mask

Though this aloe vera and honey mask is pretty perfect on its own, you can even further adjust it to your skin. Here’s a list of ingredients you can add to aloe vera and honey that will suit different skin types or problems:

Hydrating face mask with all natural ingredients for clear complexion, youthful skin and dewy glow...

So, that is how you can make a DIY face mask using aloe vera and honey that will suit you perfectly. When you try it out, let me know in the comments how it went. Enjoy…


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  1. Mohammad Romman says:

    This is a good article and great advice. You might want to consider using a skincare or cosmetical grade aloe vera 10X-D. It has smaller molecules and can penetrate the skin for more improved results. Most aloe has huge molecules and isn’t really a skincare grade.”

    1. Jovana R. says:

      Thanks for the advice, Mohammad!

  2. Razan says:

    Hey, any idea how often we can use this mask (aloe vera & honey mask)?

    1. Jovana R. says:

      Unless your skin is very dehydrated or dry, you probably don’t need to use it more than 1 – 2 times a week. However, the mask is very gentle and non-irritating, so if you want, you can use it even every day.

  3. Samuel says:

    If the portions of tablespoon mixes for either the honey or aloe vera are uneven (either more than the required amount or one greater than the other), does it affect the impact of the results on one’s skin?

    1. Jovana R. says:

      Hi Samuel,
      The ratio of the ingredients is really not much important. You will get a slightly different texture, but the effect on the skin will be pretty much the same.

  4. Can we leave the mask on overnight?

    1. Jovana R. says:

      I personally wouldn’t do that. For one, it is messy – a bit turning in bed, and your pillowcase will be soaked.
      And second – your skin can only absorb so much. You will get much better results if you leave the mask on for around 20 minutes, wash it off and apply a face cream to lock in the moisture.

  5. Mariam Praise says:

    I just never knew this mixture could be this effective! Now, I have got a new skincare routine that I could adopt for my skin. Thanks a lot for this.

    1. Jovana R. says:

      Glad you like it… ❤️️❤️️❤️️

  6. Sonali says:

    Aloe and honey I have used earlier but addition of tea tree essential oil is something I would like to do for my severely acne prone skin.

    1. Jovana R. says:

      Yes, tea tree oil is great, but only 1 – 2 drops… 🙂

  7. Hairdressers Christchurch City says:

    I am so happy I found your blog and I absolutely love your information about honey mask hydrating diy face mask. I liked and it is wonderful to know about so many things that are useful for all of us! Thanks a lot for this amazing blog!!

    1. Jovana R. says:

      Thank you so much! ❤️️❤️️❤️

  8. Dayhana says:

    This recipe is using natural aloe from the plant ?

    1. Jovana R. says:

      Hi Dayhana,
      You can use freshly extracted gel or a store bought one, whatever you have on hand. But, if you are using a store bought gel, try to get as pure gel as you can (no added scents and colors).

      1. Husaina Adnan says:

        How many times do i apply it for a day

        1. Jovana R. says:

          You don’t need to use it more than 1 – 2 times a week, although if you want, you can apply it even once every day.

  9. Jade Fisher-Ryner says:


    How long will it last for? I have use Aloe Vera from the plant. Not sure how long I can keep it in the fridge for

    1. Jovana R. says:

      Hi Jade,
      I like to make everything fresh right before using it, so I didn’t experiment much with how long it can sit without spoiling. I think the longest I kept it in the fridge was around 10 days, but I wiped everything I was using (bowl, spoon, jar…) with rubbing alcohol.

  10. Trisha says:

    When I mix the two ingredients, my mixture becomes extremely runny and I cant apply on my face without it dripping everywhere. Could you suggest a solution?

    1. Jovana R. says:

      Hi Trisha, thanks for a great question!
      Yes – this mask is very thin, but I like watery masks because I feel they hydrate my skin better than thick masks. That is why I always suggest to use it runny as it is, apply thin layers and reapply several times.
      But, if you want, there are ways to make this mask thicker. All you have to do is add some oatmeal powder or rice flour. Add it slowly – just enough to get your preferred consistency.
      If you have oily skin, you can also mix in some clay, and if you have dry skin, you can add a bit of quality cocoa powder.
      Hope this helps… ️❤️️️❤️️️❤️️

      1. Trisha says:

        Thank you so much for the reply. I’ll give it another try!

        1. Jovana R. says:

          You’re more than welcome! ❤️️😘

  11. Chloe Sarah says:

    My mixture becomes really runny when I mix aloe and honey. Could you please suggest a solution?

    1. Jovana R. says:

      Hope my answer helped… ❤️️️❤️️️❤️️

  12. Aayushi says:

    Hie your way of presenting your ideas are awesome, I loved it
    Well I want to know from where, which site you started this blogging and please let me know if you know any free blogging sites

    1. Jovana R. says:

      Thanks so much! ❤️️ Honestly, I’ve never been using any free blogging sites, this blog (BeSpotted) is exactly where I started blogging. Although, I have been working as a freelance writer for quite a while before that…

  13. wow thanks so much!!!

    1. Jovana R. says:

      You’re more than welcome! ❤️️

  14. We have aloe vera here at home, I am so excited to try this. Thank you for sharing this 🙂

    1. Jovana R. says:

      Cool, hope you’ll love it as much as I do…

  15. Guineverre says:

    Organic honey is not only delicious, but it’s also healthy. It includes antioxidants, which can help to protect your cells from harm. So for my honey I prefer to use this organic honey because it’s affordable, tastes great as well as good for your skin.

  16. Hello Jovana, thank u so much for sharing such a wonderful information!!but I would wish to know if I added sugar to it, will it still be effective ?

    1. Jovana R. says:

      Hi Sharon,
      Yes, you can add some sugar and turn it into an exfoliating mask/scrub combo.

  17. Jane Doig says:

    Dull, greyish and dehydrated skin is so common and this DIY aloe vera and honey mask is the perfect remedy for it. This mask is not only hydrating, nourishing and refreshing but also energy-boosting! What a powerful combination. Have you tried this mask and how did it work for you?

    1. Jovana R. says:

      I did, it’s one of my favorite DIY masks. It’s very hydrating and soothing.

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