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Benefits of Jojoba Oil & How to Use It for Skin and Hair Care

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All the benefits of jojoba oil & how to use it to enhance your beauty regimen…

When I think about jojoba oil, inadvertently Gollum comes to my mind. And I find I suddenly have much more understanding for his obsession (my precious!!!).

For me, jojoba oil is that one thing that helps when everything else fails. And I’m not the only one who discovered what a miracle nutrient-dense golden liquid you can find in a bottle of this all-natural moisturizer.

In fact, the claims of amazing properties of jojoba oil go so far, you kind of have to wonder if it is all even true. But, all doubts stop once you try it out for yourself – yes, jojoba oil really is that good!

Jojoba oil made a revolution in my skincare routine. Ever since I started using it, I’m trying to find new ways to incorporate it into my beauty regimen.

Which, by the way, is not a hard task. One of many benefits of jojoba oil is that it works well with almost anything. You can just add a few drops of jojoba oil to your moisturizers, face masks, hair conditioner, hair packs…

And, if you do want to go a step further and make your own products from scratch, down below I have a few ideas for you on how you can use jojoba oil for your skin and hair.

But first, here are the main benefits of jojoba oil and why you should be using it as often as you can:

Benefits of Jojoba Oil for Skin and Hair:

An infographic of all the benefits of jojoba oil for skin and hair
Though many natural oils have special places in my heart, jojoba oil is that one precious products that I save for the “important parts” – my face, lips and the most challenging beauty problem I’m dealing with at that moment, whether it be split ends, frizzy hair, dry patches or brittle nails.

Here are all the benefits of jojoba oil and why I love it so much:

  1. Jojoba oil is one of the best natural moisturizers. It has lightweight texture that is similar to the sebum that our skin naturally produces. Because of that, it easily gets absorbed deep into the skin.
  2. Jojoba oil is not a real oil, but a liquid plant wax. It moisturizes the skin without making it oily or leaving a greasy residue.
  3. It contains vitamins A, B-complex, D and E, omega 6 and omega 9 fatty acids, docosanol, zinc, copper, iodine, selenium – all important for healthy, beautiful skin and hair.
  4. Jojoba oil has a comedogenic rating 2. That means that it is not likely to clog your pores, which makes it suitable even for oily or acne prone skin.
  5. It contains powerful antioxidants that protect the skin against free radicals and can help control the sun damage. That way, it can postpone aging signs and delay wrinkles and fine lines.
  6. Jojoba oil is suitable for all skin types, including very sensitive skin (such as baby’s) and conditions like eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis and rosacea.
  7. You can also use it as a scalp treatment. Its anti-inflammatory properties can soothe itchy, irritated scalp. And its moisturizing and antifungal effects will nourish the dry scalp and treat dandruff.
  8. Jojoba oil has benefits for your hair, too. Just like with skin, you can use it to moisturize dry strands, smooth split ends and keep frizzy hair under control.
  9. It is often includes in lip balms, because it thoroughly moisturizes the thin and sensitive skin on the lips and helps in treating dry, chapped lips. It also creates a protective barrier on top of your lips and prevents future damages and drying out.
  10. Jojoba oil can also help you strengthen your nails, make them less brittle, improve their elasticity and that way – prevent breakage. And make sure to also apply it to your cuticles and skin around. It can help soften dry cuticles and promote healing of the cracked skin.

10 Best Ways to Use the Benefits of Jojoba Oil:

Jojoba oil - how to use it for skin and hair care pin

1. Add jojoba oil to your products

By far the easiest way to use jojoba oil in your beauty regimen is to add a few drops to the products you are already using. As long as you don’t add too much, it won’t change the scent of your products or ruin the texture.

It will, however, add many benefits to both your skin and hair care products. You can mix it with your shampoo, conditioner, hair pack, face, body or hand moisturizers, etc.

Just keep in mind that every time you add something directly to the product container, you increase the risk of shortening the product’s shelf life.

Because of that, it would be best to add jojoba oil right before using the product. Just take the usual amount on your palm, add a few drops of jojoba oil and mix before applying.

You can also use pure jojoba oil as a face or body moisturizer.

2. Make a face mask

An all-natural face mask is another great and easy way use all the skin benefits of jojoba oil. The following mask is suitable for all skin types, but it is especially helpful for dry, sensitive or aging skin.

In a small bowl, mash a piece of banana with a fork. Mash it well, trying to get rid of all the lumps. You should get around 2 teaspoons of smooth banana puree.

To that, add 1 – 2 teaspoons of jojoba oil, 1 teaspoon of raw honey and just enough oatmeal powder (colloidal oatmeal or finely ground rolled oats) to get a smooth paste. Mix well.

Apply a thick layer of the mask to a clean face. (It would be best to also exfoliate your skin first.) Leave the mask on for around 20 minutes. Then wash it off and apply your face cream right away.

3. Make a face scrub

Regular exfoliation is very important for maintaining your skin youthful, soft, healthy and glowing. Exfoliation removes all the dead, dry skin cells, dirt and bacteria off your skin and it encourages the skin renewal process.

But, a face scrub needs to be gentle and nourishing. Anything harsh can damage the fragile face skin and lead to many skin problems. That is why making your own face scrub is a great idea.

To make this all-natural face scrub, first mix 2 teaspoons of brown sugar and 1 teaspoon of finely ground rolled oats. Add 1 teaspoon of honey and mix. In the end, add just enough jojoba oil (1 – 2 teaspoons) to get a texture similar to wet sand.

Wash your face. Apply a thin layer of the scrub and gently exfoliate your face with it for around 5 minutes. Then wash the scrub off and apply you face cream while your skin is still slightly damp.

4. Diy face oil/serum

Face oils have gained a lot of popularity lately due to their ability to deep-nourish, moisturize and replenish the skin. Left on face overnight, they help the skin to heal itself and prevent premature aging signs.

This recipe gives you an opportunity to use not only the benefits of jojoba oil, but also all the benefits of grapeseed oil, which is amazing for dry, sensitive or aging skin.

Plus, the essential oils in this blend are incredibly rejuvenating, soothing and restoring. Together, they make one of the best natural skin treatments you can find.

You can find the full recipe here.

5. Use as a makeup remover

Jojoba oil is a gentle natural oil that is safe to use around your eyes. That means you can use it to remove your eye makeup.

Not only it will dissolve all the oil-based makeup, but it will also nourish the thin, fragile skin around your eyes in the process.

All you have to do is apply jojoba oil around your eyes and to your face. Massage for a few minutes, until all the makeup, dirt and excess sebum are dissolved.

Then rinse with warm water. Repeat if necessary and follow with a small amount of your regular face cleanser.

6. Make a lip scrub

If your lips often peel and crack during the winter months, using a lip scrub is a great way to prevent all of that. Lip scrub removes that dry layer of the skin, plus it stimulates the skin’s natural healing process.

Using a lip scrub can make all the difference between lips that are dry like a desert and unattractive and the ones that are soft, smooth and with that adorable natural rosy hue.

You can make your own lip scrub – just mix 2 teaspoons of white sugar (or brown, for a gentler scrub) and 1 teaspoon of jojoba oil. You can also add some honey or aloe vera gel, for some extra nourishing properties.

Use this mixture to thoroughly exfoliate your lips 2 – 3 times a week. And don’t forget to apply a lip balm as soon as you rinse off the scrub.

7. Mix up a lip balm

Many lip balms contain jojoba oil because its powerful nourishing and moisturizing properties work like a charm on dry, cracked lips. You can even make your own jojoba oil lip balm:

In a double boiler, melt 1 teaspoon of beeswax and 3 teaspoons of cocoa butter (or shea butter). When melted, add 2 teaspoons of jojoba oil, mix and remove from the heat.

If you want, you can add 5 – 10 drops of some essential oil (my recommendation would be this tangerine essential oil or peppermint essential oil). Pour into small clean glass or metal containers and let it cool and solidify.

Jojoba oil is so good in nourishing the lips, you can even use it on its own. If you ever run out of lip balm and your lips need some love, just apply a small amount of pure jojoba oil.

8. Jojoba oil hair treatment

There are many ways you can use jojoba oil to strengthen your hair and make it healthy, shiny and beautiful.

You can apply a small amount of pure jojoba oil to your damp hair, especially to the ends, before blow-drying and styling it. Or, apply it to your scalp before washing your hair, massage it in well and let it sit for at least 30 minutes.

But, one of the best ways to use benefits of jojoba oil for your hair is to make hot oil hair treatment. All you have to do is warm up in a double boiler 2 tablespoons of jojoba oil, 2 tablespoons of coconut oil and 2 tablespoons of olive oil.

When everything is warm, but not so hot to burn your skin to touch, remove from the heat. If you want, you can also add around 10 drops of lavender essential oil and mix.

Apply the warm oil blend to your scalp and hair. Massage it in well and leave it on for 30 – 45 minutes. After that time, wash and condition your hair as usual.

9. Strengthen your nails

Jojoba oil is a great nail and cuticle treatment. All you have to do is apply a few drops of jojoba oil and massage it into your nails and the surrounding skin.

You can also make this DIY nail strengthening treatment:

In an empty nail polish bottle, mix 2 teaspoons jojoba oil, 1 teaspoon castor oil, a couple of drops lavender essential oil and a couple of drops rosemary essential oil.

Apply the mixture to your nails and cuticles 2 – 3 times a week, or more often if needed. No need to wash it off – just massage it in and let it sit until your nails and skin absorb it.

10. Make a massage oil

Massage has many benefits for your body, skin and well-being. And with a right scent, it can become a full aromatherapy experience – capable to either calm and destress you or to uplift your spirit, depending on the essential oils you used.

This simple blend is easy to make at home. Its scent can soothe your senses, relax you and even help ease migraines.

And jojoba oil is a perfect carrier oil. It has a texture similar to the oils that our skin naturally produces. Plus, its mild scent won’t interfere much with the essential oils.

To make this massage oil, mix ¼ cup of jojoba oil, 10 drop frankincense essential oil, 4 drops lavender essential oil and 4 drops peppermint essential oil. Pour into a small dark glass bottle and mix before every use.

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