DIY Face Masks for Glowing Skin – 4 Best Recipes

Your skin isn’t having the best day? It looks dull and grey even through the makeup? It is so easy to make it shine again with these DIY face masks for glowing skin…

Even if you have normal skin, inevitably there comes a day when it looks tired, pale, worn down and greyish. On these days, the best thing you can do for your complexion is to boost its energy, add some extra hydration, vitamin C and antioxidants. That will recover your skin quickly, make it radiant and put some natural blush into your cheeks.

These DIY face masks for glowing skin will help you with that. They are super easy to make and the results are nothing short of astonishing!

4  Best DIY Face Masks for Glowing Skin

1. Strawberry and Aloe Vera Gel Face Mask

Ingredients for preparing DIY face masks for glowing skin- strawberries and aloe vera

Out of all DIY face masks for glowing skin, this one is probably the best. Strawberries contain salicylic acid, vitamin C and alpha hydroxy acids (AHA), and if you look at the list of ingredients of any quality anti-acne product, that is exactly what you will find.

Skin Whitening Forever™

This mask is perfect for balancing and replenishing oily skin type. Except cleansing your skin, strawberries improve its tonus, protect it from free radicals, prevent ageing signs and make it smooth. That is why they are often used in DIY face masks, and even in professional cosmetics.

Mash a strawberry and mix it with Aloe Vera. Add just enough powdered milk so that the mask doesn’t run off your face. Apply to clean skin and leave it for 20 minutes. Wash off using lukewarm water and apply facial cream suitable for your skin type.

2. Orange and Sour Cream Face Mask

Ingredients for preparing DIY face masks for glowing skin - olive oil and oranges

In many ways oranges help your skin to glow. Vitamin C and citric acid increase collagen production, which makes your skin firm, toned and elastic. DIY face masks with oranges remove oil, dead skin cells and dirt from your face, fight against acne and ageing signs, cleanse the pores, shrink them and make the skin soft and smooth.

  • 2 segments of an orange,
  • 1 teaspoon of sour cream,
  • 1 teaspoon of olive oil.

Mash two orange segments (no membrane) and mix it with the sour cream and olive oil. Keep the mask on your face and neck for 15 minutes, then rinse off and apply your daily cream.

3.  Queen of DIY Face Masks for Glowing Skin – Banana, Yogurt and Mint

Ingredients for preparing DIY face masks for glowing skin - banana and mint

Banana is a highly nutritious fruit that hydrates the skin and supplies it with vitamins A, B, E and potassium. Banana soothes the skin, softens it and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Combined with yogurt and mint, it will detoxify your skin and prevent possible irregularities.

  • a piece of banana + the peel,
  • 1 teaspoon of thick yogurt,
  • ½ a teaspoon of mint.

Mash a piece of banana – around 1 inch long. Mix it with the yogurt and mint (fresh leaves, finely chopped).

Wash your face, then rub it thoroughly with the inside layer of the banana peel. Apply the mask and leave it on for 20 – 30 minutes. Rinse off first with warm water, then with cold.

4.  Grapes, Kaolin Clay and Sweet Almond Oil Face Mask

Ingredients for preparing DIY face masks for glowing skin - grapes and almond oil

There was a time when grapes were considered to be the food of the rich. It was used even in Ancient Egypt to ensure that the young girl’s beauty lasts longer. Grapes is just a perfect fruit for skincare and it is used in many anti-aging DIY face masks. It is mostly appreciated because it contains polyphenol – an antioxidant that prevents ageing signs. It improves elasticity of the skin, keeps moisture at an optimal level and stimulates microcirculation.

  • 2 – 3 grapes,
  • 1 teaspoon kaolin clay,
  • a couple of drops of sweet almond oil.

Process the grapes with its peel in a blender and pour it into a bowl. Add kaolin clay and almond oil. Leave it on your face 15 – 20 minutes. Once you remove it, apply your favorite facial cream.

So, these are 4 best recipes for DIY face masks for glowing skin. Try them all and let me know in the comments which one worked best for you…

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