12 of the Best Gifts for Minimalists, Because Less Is More

A simple small white gift for a minimalist

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Written by Ruby Buddemeyer

The best way to make someone love your gift is to think from their point of view. The same rule applies for minimalists too.

Minimalists love the simplest of things, and contrary to popular belief, it is very easy to shop gifts for them. A minimalist would appreciate a simple and thoughtful gift more than a lavish and expensive one.

Let us get a glimpse of 12 such beautiful minimalistic gifts that would validate their ‘Less Is More’ principle.

1. A Journal to Schedule their Day

Best Gifts for Minimalists - A Journal to Schedule their Day

Photo by Jess Bailey on Unsplash

Studies prove that minimalists are generally a bit ruminative and at the same time tranquil. A lot of things keep their mind occupied but they do not always express them to people.

If you have a minimalist friend who loves writing and stationeries, giving them a journal would mean the world to them. They could pen down their imaginations, views and ideas along with planning their day-to-day activities and tasks.

2. An Elegant Solitaire Engagement Ring for the Love of Your Life

An Elegant Solitaire Engagement Ring for the Love of Your Life

Photo by Will Wilson on Unsplash

Men having a minimalist partner should regard yourselves lucky as minimalist girls prefer sweet and intimate things than grand surprises as their presents. So, if you are planning on popping the question to your simple-things-loving girlfriend anytime soon, go for a classy and elegant solitaire. Buying a diamond for your loved one is not just a sign of forever commitment, but also an excellent investment.

A sleek white gold ring is an unfussy option that your minimalist partner will love to wear and flaunt everyday. Make sure you purchase the ring from an authentic and trustworthy seller, and before that, find out her ring size secretly as well. Now you are set to surprise her with the magical words – “Will you marry me?”

3. A Chic Mug for the Coffee Lovers

Another great Gift for a minimalists - A Chic Mug for the Coffee Lovers

Photo by Jeffrey Wegrzyn on Unsplash

Coffee is a drink for all. No discrimination exists when it comes to the love for caffeine. If you are confused about what to give and want to go for a safe option then a coffee mug is apparently the best choice.

You can find a lot of options and choose according to your friend’s likings. For example, if they love travelling then a traveler’s mug would be ideal, or if they go to work early in the morning, a sipper mug would be perfect. A minimalist person would love to use a steel mug with rustic print on it instead of a decorated high quality ceramic or glass mug.

4. A Polaroid Camera to Freeze the Memories

A Polaroid Camera to Freeze the Memories

Photo by Josh Carter on Unsplash

In the time of DSLRs and mobile cameras, polaroids are making a comeback for their old-world charm. It is not secret that minimalists are often nostalgic beings and treasure vintage gifts.

With readymade prints, a polaroid camera helps freeze a memory on paper then and there. It is great to maintain travel diaries or scrap books as well. Your minimalist friend will absolutely love this thoughtful gift.

5. A Cookbook for the Foodie Friend

A Cookbook for the Foodie Friend

Photo by Heather Ford on Unsplash

Did someone say minimalists are not foody? Well, not in every case. Food is a thing that excites everybody irrespective of their fundamental characteristics and brings everyone together. The difference lies in the choice of food.

It would be a very thoughtful gesture from your side to give a cookbook that has got unconventional recipes that your foodie minimalist friend loves but does not get easily. With a recipe book handy, they could make their favorite dishes at home.

6. Scented Candles for an Aromatic Ambiance

More Gifts for Minimalists - Scented Candles for an Aromatic Ambiance

Photo by Dave Phillips on Unsplash

A tantalizing aroma is surely a mood maker. Be it working space, reading area, or bedroom, a scented candle with its dim light and fragrance can create a beautiful ambience.

Hence, a scented candle of the flavour of their choice would be an ideal pick to give a minimalist. If you are not aware of their liking, go with lavender, jasmine, rose, lemongrass, or vanilla wood. As far as scents are concerned, these are unlikely to fail.

7. Houseplants for the Nature Lover

Houseplants for the Nature Lover

Photo by Alena Ganzhela on Unsplash

The power of plants in setting our mood is incomparable. For a minimalist, decorating home is incomplete without having some refreshing indoor house plants.

Big plants might seem a bit extra to them. Hence opt for a small one. A cactus, golden pothos, snake plant, jade, peace lily or Boston fern are some of the best known air purifying plants to choose from.

8. Knitting Kit for the Creative Soul

Gifts for minimalists idea - Knitting Kit for the Creative Soul

Photo by rocknwool on Unsplash

Minimalists are often known for being creative at heart. Art works like a huge mood booster for them. One creative art among their favorite ones is knitting for themselves and family.

If you have noticed a knack for knitting in your minimalist friend too, then giving a knitting kit complete with stitch markers, scissors, knitting clips, tapestry needles is a unique idea. This will come to them as an absolute surprise.

9. Wall Posters for the Art Enthusiast

Wall Posters for the Art Enthusiast

Photo by Louis Mornaud on Unsplash

One admirable attribute in most minimalists is to have expertise in not only creating art but also appreciating creations made by others. One can easily find aesthetic posters in a minimalist person’s home.

So, if you are ever confused about what to give to a minimalist, a wall poster or a painting is a pretty good bet. Go with simple ones like a quaint scenery or life forms instead of wilder designs.

10. Charm Bracelets for the Minimalist Fashionista

Fashion gifts for minimalists - Charm Bracelets for the Minimalist Fashionista

Photo by Philippe Van Doninck on Unsplash

Girls are born to flaunt. Some of them might like the hottest raging fashion trends, whereas others might find minimalist dress code more attractive. But undeniably, all the women across the globe like to get dressed up and look attractive in their own way.

Your minimalist friend is not an exception. You just need to get her the right kind of jewellery to wear. A charm bracelet has a 100% success rate of making a minimalist happy. Be it ethnic or modern, the golden or silver – charm bracelets would be loved by anyone of any age.

11. Glass Set for the Wine Aficionado

Glass Set for the Wine Aficionado

Photo by Joseph Périgot on Unsplash

Drinking wine is a common practice but being a wine aficionado is something that resonates only with an enthusiast.

For that minimalist pal of yours who can’t stay away from the rich flavor of win, get a pinot noir glass set. Mostly used for sipping red wine, this wide bowled glass is in demand for unleashing great aroma and taste by holding more oxygen within its cavity than regular glasses.

12. Cushions for a Comfortable Netflix Session

Comfy and cool gifts for minimalists - Cushions for a Comfortable Netflix Session

Photo by Krisztina Papp on Unsplash

Be it a minimalist or an over enthusiast, everyone feeds on the huge library of content Netflix offers in their past time. It is even truer in the current global situation, where most people are stuck at home.

Prove yourself as an ideal friend by helping your pal have a comfy and cozy binge watch session by gifting them a comfortable cushion. A minimal tropical plant printed one can help her both have bohemian decor and a pleasant Netflix session.


The motive behind this article was to give a brief idea about the things a minimalist person may have liking for. Hope you already have set your mind about the one you want to buy from this list.

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