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Fashion Inspiration – Spring Wardrobe Essentials 2020

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Spring wardrobe essentials – 10 absolutely must have pieces of clothing you will need this spring (but will wear pretty much all year round)…

As the seasons change, there’s always that unavoidable question – what new pieces should I get? And though every season has something special to offer, spring definitely brings a lot of inspiration.

Spring is a time to pair the unpairable. It is that perfect sweet spot where you can wear a thick, heavy wool sweater over a light floral dress. And look amazing!

When you are choosing new pieces of clothing for spring (as well as for every other season), 3 very important boxes need to be checked:

  1. It needs to look good on you. If some model is not suitable for your body shape, it doesn’t matter how popular it is – just don’t wear it. What would be the point?
  2. Make sure to find pieces you can mix and match with other clothes you already have.
  3. It needs to be practical. This simply means, when you are buying something new, make sure to stop and think – can I wear this at work? Out with friends? On a date? To a party? Will it not empty my wallet, so I can’t buy anything else? All in all – is this something I am really going to wear?

Everything else depends on your lifestyle and your personal fashion preferences.

To give you a start, here are 10 spring wardrobe essentials – affordable pieces every girl needs during this 5-minutes-warm-5-minutes-cold weather:

10 Affordable Spring Wardrobe Essentials to Enhance Every Style:

1. Lightweight Dress

One of the spring wardrobe essentials - a lightweight white dress‘Tiffany’ Crochet Lace Mini Dress

Breezy, swaying dresses are absolute spring essentials. Nothing says spring more than light materials and relaxed but chic looks.

A dress such as the one on the photo above is also very practical. It is stylish and modern, but easy to combine and wear.

Depending on the accessories you combine it with, you can pull off almost any look – from a delicate ballerina to a rock princess.

2. Statement Blouse

An absolute must have for spring fashion - a statement blouze‘Monique’ Leopard Print High Neck Blouse

A bold statement blouse is just the thing you need to break up an otherwise neutral combination. Interesting leopard print blouse adds interest and brings attention.

And it may seem hard to combine, but a quality statement blouse can be a perfect fit for many combinations. You can wear it with a suit for a meeting, white pants for a casual but chic outing, or with your favorite jeans for a coffee with friends.

Either way, it is sure to wow and impress.

Or simply go with the lace with this ‘Riley’ lace high neck top.

3. Short Sleeves Top

White short sleeves top‘Kody’ Cold Shoulder Ruffled Top (3 Colors)

Similar to statement blouses, bold, visually interesting short sleeves tops go best with neutral pieces. They add character and interest to your combinations without you needing to put in any effort.

Choose something fun, maybe something ruffled or with interesting lines. You can wear it in the same combinations as the statement blouse. Pairing it with a thigh skirt or a pair of shorts can also be a great idea.

Just keep a nice, warm cardigan somewhere nearby. You never know with this crazy spring weather…

4. Oversized Denim Jacket

A must have in anyone's closet - a denim jacket ‘Arya’ Light Wash Oversized Denim Jacket

Effortless and cool, sexy and chic, modern and timeless… There’s no style a denim jacket couldn’t go with. It would certainly go great with any of the three pieces above.

Right now, everything oversized is in, and denim jackets are no exception. You can combine it with other oversized pieces (a simple white shirt, for example). Or, make the opposites meet by pairing it with a thigh or lightweight, breezy dress.

5. Knee-Length Sweater

An essential piece of wardrobe for spring - warm long sweater‘Estrella’ Stripe Colorblock Cardigan

Speaking of oversized, this one is my personal favorite. I’d definitely say long cardigans are spring wardrobe essentials – they are super comfortable and effortless, but add soooo much to any combination.

I have to say I had many doubts when the long sweaters became popular. But now, they are some of my favorite pieces in my closet, and I never miss an opportunity to add another one.

6. Lightweight Sweater

A lightweight sweater for chilly spring days‘Eka’ Slit Lightweight Sweater (3 Colors)

For those fresh and crisp spring days when it’s a bit too cold for a thin blouse, a lightweight sweater is just what you need.

Wear it under a denim or (faux) leather jacket and add some bold statement piece jewelry. As for the bottoms, my favorite combinations are with mom jeans or with a midi skirt.

7. Distressed Jeans

Ripped distressed jeans - perfect for any spring outfit‘Babe’ Distressed High Waist Mom Jeans

What is it that is so irresistible about ripped jeans? They keep coming back, each time better than the last. Instagram is full of them, and so are the streets.

Though not appropriate for most work places, you can wear distressed jeans for almost all other everyday occasions. My favorite combination – ripped ankle-length jeans, oversized white t-shirt, bulky long cardigan and simple white sneakers (check out these adorable knitted sneakers).

8. Basic Skirt

A basic mini skirt in a neutral beige color ‘Leea’ Pleated Mini Skirt (4 Colors)

A basic, neutral skirt you can easily wear with most already mentioned pieces. Easy to combine. Easy to wear. Timeless and feminine.

Choose a black, beige or natural ground color skirt. I know that doesn’t scream spring and fun, but you need something simple as a base for bold tops and accessories.

BTW, it works the other way around, too. You can wear a bold, colorful, floral skirt with toned down tops.

9. Cross-Body Bag

Spring wardrobe essentials - beautiful small cross-body bag in pink and grey color ‘Anja’ Faux Suede Leather Cross Body Bag

Small cross-body bags are a perfect way to emphasize that laid-back, relaxed look. They are big enough to carry all the essentials, but not much more than that – a tale-tale sign of someone who prefers to go with the flow instead of plan everything.

Other than a representation of a chilled-out state of mind, small cross-body bags are powerful fashion statements and absolute essentials for spring. Neutral beige or in bold, bright colors, with big metal clasps or chain straps. Cross-body bags are sure to give that something little extra special to your outfits.

10. Oval Hoop Earrings

Oval hoop earrings in the color of gold - one of the spring wardrobe essentials‘Glenys’ Drop Triple Oval Hoop Earrings

Just a little something to complete your look. These beauties are refined but modern, simple but distinctive. And quite affordable.

Not a fan of earrings? That’s OK. You can instead complete your spring look with a statement layered necklace or maybe some attention-grabbing hair accessories.

So, these are my 10 absolute must have spring wardrobe essentials, for that effortless but effective look. What would you add to the list?

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