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DIY Sea Salt Hair Spray for the Best Beach Waves

Finished DIY sea salt hair spray for beach waves

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Here’s how to make the best DIY sea salt hair spray and get perfectly defined, long lasting and well-nourished beach waves…

I’ve been so crazy busy this past month, I didn’t have time to post here on the blog. Hell, I didn’t even have time to sleep and eat like a normal human. So, I most definitely didn’t have time to spend 2 hours blow-drying and ironing my hair after every wash.

But, I’m a girl. I want pretty hair. And so, this DIY beach waves spray turned out to be more than helpful. Not only does it cut my hair styling time to only around 10 minutes, but the oils in it also nourish my hair.

Plus, the summer time is perfect for relaxed, messy, beach inspired hair styles. I’ve been using this spray before, but only occasionally. This past month showed me just how much time and money I can save while still having beautiful summer hairstyle.

Here’s what and why I put into my DIY sea salt hair spray…

The Ingredients for DIY Sea Salt Hair Spray

A bottle of DIY hair spay for beach waves with Himalayan pink salt, coconut oil, hair gel and lavender essential oil

Sea salt – The salty ocean water is what gives the hair texture and that characteristic “I’ve spent the day at the beach” look. For this recipe I prefer to use Himalayan pink salt, but you can use any salt you want.

Coconut oil is one of the best natural hair loving oils. I just love my DIY coconut oil hair masks and I use them pretty regularly. This oil moisturizes and softens the hair and makes it smooth, flexible and more manageable. How much you should add to this spray depends on your hair type.

Hair gel is added to keep your hair wavy for longer. If your hair easily holds curls, you may not need it. In that case, you can just omit the hair gel, or you can replace it with aloe vera gel, for some extra hair nourishing properties.

I also like to add a few drops of lavender essential oil, just to improve the scent of my beach waves spray. I think it goes really nicely with the scent of coconut oil.

DIY Sea Salt Hair Spray for Beach Waves Recipe

You will need:

  • 2 teaspoons Himalayan pink salt
  • 1 – 2 teaspoons coconut oil
  • 1 tablespoon hair gel
  • essential oil- optional
  • 1 cup water

How to make beach waves hair spray step 1 - put all the ingredients into a jar

Step 1:

Put the Himalayan salt, coconut oil, hair gel and if you want some essential oil into a jar.

Step 2 - add 1 cup of warm water into the jar with the rest of the ingredients

Step 2:

Warm up the water. Pour the warm water over the other ingredients in the jar.

Step 3 - Mix everything well until the sea salt, coconut oil and hair gel dissolve

Step 3:

Mix everything well until all the ingredients are dissolved and you get an even looking liquid.

Step 4 - Transfer the DIY sea salt hair spray to a clean spray bottle

Step 4:

Transfer the mixture into a spray bottle. Make sure the bottle is completely clean, to prolong the shelf life of your hair spray. I usually rinse mine with a small amount of rubbing alcohol.

And there you have it – you’ve got your own DIY sea salt hair spray…

How to use diy beach waves spray:

A know that some girls, especially those with thin, manageable hair, can just spray some sea salt spray, scrunch their hair with their fingers a bit and they are done. But, that never really worked for my hair.

I get the best results when I let my hair dry 70 – 80 percent after washing, shake the spray bottle well, spray a generous amount to my hair, then make 2 French braids.

If I go straight to sleep, I blow dry my braids a bit before going to bed. If I’ve washed my hair in the morning, I just leave it braided like that for several hours.

After that, I just comb my hair with my fingers (never with a comb or a brush), and that’s it! My hair stays wavy and beautifully messy all day long, and it looks pretty decent even the next day…

DIY Beach Waves Sea Salt Hair Spray - A Pinterest Friendly Image

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