12 Best Hand Creams for Dry Skin to Try Out This Fall

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Best hand moisturizers – if your hands easily dry out or crack and you need something to keep them soft and well-nourished during the fall and winter, these are the best hand creams for dry skin, definitely worth giving a shot…

    • During the cold months, the skin on your hands easily cracks and gets dry and flaky.
    • You can help it by coating it with a layer of nourishing, highly moisturizing hand moisturizer.
    • The best hand creams for dry skin contain, humectants, soothing ingredients, as well ingredients that help the skin to retain moisture.

Whether your hand skin is naturally dry, you frequently wash your hands, or the dry, harsh weather is causing your skin to crack and flake, quality hand cream can put a stop to all that. The best hand moisturizers and lotions are typically packed with hydrators, moisturizing oils and skin repairing agents that can significantly alleviate dry hands and soothe redness and itchiness.

Luckily, there’s a huge variety to choose from – so many amazing hand creams on the market, something for every budget and every preference. Which can also make a walk down the hand care aisle a little daunting.

To help you out, we’ve rounded up a list of some of the best hand creams for dry skin currently available. Whether you prefer beautiful scents or unscented options, thick, super moisturizing or non-greasy formulas, potent and intensive or gentle and organic… You can find your perfect match down below…

How to choose the best hand moisturizer

Just a few things to keep in mind when looking into hand lotions and moisturizers for dry skin:

    • Your hand cream should contain hydrating agents that increase water content, such as hyaluronic acid, glycerin or urea.
    • You also need ingredients that help your skin retain the moisture: beeswax, petroleum jelly, plant oils and butters, ceramides…
    • If your skin also easily gets red and irritated, try products with skin soothing components (oat extract, aloe vera, soy).
    • On the other hand, if your skin is reactive, opt for natural products that don’t contain fragrance.

12 Best Hand Creams for Dry Skin

*All prices mentioned are from September 2022.

1. CeraVe Reparative Hand Cream


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Price: $9.97/1.7 fl. Oz.

Of course one of the best hand moisturizers will come from CeraVe, a brand that focuses on skin barrier repair. This cream is such a good ally to have in your bag when the harsh winds start to dry out your hands.

CeraVe Reparative Hand Cream recovers rough, cracked skin, thoroughly moisturizes and helps the skin to retain moisture. The formula contains three types of ceramides and hyaluronic acid. It is hypoallergenic and fragrance-free.

2. L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream

Price: $30.00/5.1 fl. Oz.

Another product that definitely deserves its spot amongst the best hand creams for dry skin. It is packed with gentle, nourishing ingredients that can save your dry hands and restore their softness and suppleness.

Amongst other things, L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream contains shea butter, glycerin, coconut oil, almond extract and honey. It soothes the cracked, irritated skin, softens dry patches and prevents future drying out.

3. Burt’s Bees Almond & Milk Hand Cream


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Price: $9.99/2 fl. Oz.

What a cute packaging and what a great product inside it! Other than deep-moisturizing your hands, you can also use this lotion to soften dry feet, elbows and knees.

The sweet almond oil and vitamin E in this hand cream are in charge of supplying your skin with moisture, while the beeswax creates an invisible protective layer on top. This product is 99% natural origin.

4. Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hand Gel Cream


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Price: $7.49/3 fl. Oz.

If you would rather try out a lightweight, non-greasy formula that gets absorbed fast and leaves no residue, this one might be just for you. It is a gel cream that still manages to supply your skin with all the moisture it needs.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hand Gel Cream contains powerful humectants such as glycerin and hyaluronic acid. Both of these ingredients are great at providing lots of water molecules to your skin and helping the skin to retain it.

5. Bliss Lemon & Sage Hand Cream


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Price: $14.00/4 fl. Oz.

One of the best hand moisturizers to have on you all year round. Not only does it moisturize your hands without making them feel greasy, but even just its refreshing scent makes you feel more energized.

Some of the amazing ingredients this hand cream contains include grape seed oil, glycerin, panthenol, vitamin E, apple fruit extract, macadamia oil, shea butter, aloe vera, hyaluronic acid… The cream is smooth and creamy but lightweight. It is vegan and cruelty-free.

6. Philosophy Hands of Hope Hand and Cuticle Cream


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Price: $20.00$/4 fl. Oz.

Another great hand cream for dry hands and cuticles, sure to restore and replenish the skin without leaving a greasy residue. This cream softens the skin, protects from the elements and prevents drying out.

Hands of Hope hand cream contains shea butter, as well as several dry skin friendly oils, such as sweet almond, sunflower, meadowfoam, linseed, rice bran, etc. A great way to combat winter dryness.

7. Bioderma Atoderm Hands & Nails Cream


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Price: $8.99/1.7 fl. Oz.

Not only is this one of the best hand creams for dry skin period – it is also great for your nails and cuticles. It reinforces the nails while coating your hands in a long-lasting, non-sticky protective film.

This cream contains a patented complex which helps increase the skin’s tolerance threshold. “Don’t waste your money on high end products. This is the one to get!!!”, said one happy reviewer.

8. Kiehl’s Ultimate Strength Hand Salve


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Price: $24.00/5 fl. Oz.

Coat your hands in this rich, deeply nourishing hand salve and forget how dry hands look like. It can help replenish and condition even severely dry, active hands, soothe them and make them soft and smooth again.

The formula contains some of the most moisturizing ingredients out there, including shea butter, avocado and sesame oil. It is paraben and gluten-free.

9. Skinfix Eczema Hand Repair Cream


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Price: $20.00/3 fl. Oz.

We’ve all been guilty of overwashing our hands lately (and with a good reason). And if on top of that your hands are naturally dry and irritation-prone, restoring them might be a challenge even for many of the best hand creams for dry skin on the market.

Skinfix Eczema Hand Repair Cream has been clinically proven to treat cracked, dry, sensitive skin and eczema. It contains one of the most soothing ingredients out there – colloidal oatmeal, plus several highly nourishing ingredients such as sweet almond oil, allantoin, aloe vera, shea butter, etc.

10. La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Hand Cream


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Price: $10.99/1.7 fl. Oz.

Another great hand moisturizer suitable for dry, sensitive hands and even for damaged skin. It is soothing and fast-absorbing, provides up to 48-hour hydration and it is resistant to hand washing.

Formulated with niacinamide, shea butter and glycerin, Cicaplast Hand Cream deeply hydrates the skin, fades skin discolorations and restores the skin’s protective lipid barrier. It is paraben and fragrance-free.

11. Eucerin Advanced Repair Hand Cream


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Price: $7.99/2.7 fl. Oz.

This fragrance and dye free formula is somewhere between being light and fast absorbing and rich and nourishing. It smooths the hands without making them feel greasy and it provides a long lasting moisturizing effect for very dry hands.

Eucerin’s Advanced Repair Hand Cream contains several nourishing components, including ceramides, glycerin, urea, etc. It also contains alpha hydroxy acid, which makes the hands silky smooth by gently exfoliating the dry, dead skin cells.

12. Juice Beauty Green Apple Age Defy Hand Cream


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Price: $12.00/2 fl. Oz.

Here’s an organic, cruelty free little treat for dry hands that also rejuvenates the skin. If you have dry skin that is starting to age and you are noticing uneven texture, dark spots and discoloration, try out this gem.

Green Apple Age Defy Hand Cream contains many replenishing and skin brightening ingredients that can make a noticeable difference in your hands’ appearance. Some of its most noteworthy components include aloe vera, organic apple and white grape juice, plant derived glycerin, sunflower oil, peptides, shea butter, jojoba oil, evening primrose oil, vitamins B5, C and E…


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