How to Mess Up Your Skin Quickly and Easily – Full Guide

Skincare mistakes - a girl ruining her skin

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Fast and easy solutions on how to irritate your skin, make it look dull and tired and speed up the aging process…

Early morning. You get up. Feel your way through your dark, messy room to the mirror, and what would you know – your skin looks like a dream… of a Cornish troll.

Your face is greyish and sunken. There are dark circles under your eyes. Acne just blossom all across your skin. Your fine lines look super pronounced.

Just the way we like it, I suppose. After all, it must have taken you quite a while to get there.

Not quite a conventional view of beauty. Trendsetters and Instagram influencers always push for that youthful, healthy and blissful skin. But what do they know? You’ve put all that time into getting your skin looking dull, worn out and uncomfortable; damn it – you deserve to have it!

But for those of you who have similar goals but are not quite there yet – we took notes from the experts! Here’s how you can completely ruin your skin in 9 simple steps:

9 Common Habits That Ruin the Skin The Most

1. Don’t seal in hydrators

You’re using facial mists or serums? Hmm… I don’t know. That might actually improve your skin in time.

But, luckily, there is a simple trick to diminish any potential benefit – just don’t apply a moisturizer after any of these thin, hydrating products! The watery products will evaporate out of your skin in a blink of an eye. And when they do, they’ll bring with them even the moisture that already was in your skin.

2. Indulge in burgers, fries and sugar

There’s nothing like fast food and lots of sugar to really accentuate that dull complexion and make sure your acne have everything they need to live happily on your face.

Junk food is also one of the reasons why free radicals appear, so it can most definitely help you get your fine lines a little quicker and your wrinkles a little deeper.

You can also throw in lots of caffeine and lack of sleep, just to be sure.

3. Forget about sunscreen

I bet you’ve already heard that UV rays are the number one factor behind premature skin aging. So make sure you skip the sunscreen any chance you get and to spend as much time as possible out in the sun.

Try to make it at the pool. A bit of chlorine and chemicals, and not even the most quality skincare will be able to restore that!

4. Get a nice, super sharp scrub

But don’t just apply it to your face. Make sure you really get in there and rub it thoroughly into your skin. Especially into the sensitive areas.

For best results, do this as often as possible.

5. Get all the free radicals, pollutants and irritants

Now, these can really wreak havoc on your face.

This step is probably the easiest to follow. Since there are so many pollutants and free radicals around, you don’t even have to go and find them. All you have to do is stop actively avoiding them.

6. Limit the water intake

Well hydrated skin usually looks healthy and bright. Drinking 8 cups of water a day might mess up your lovely dark circles, dull complexion, dry lips and it might even improve your energy levels. Clearly – to be avoided at all costs.

If you’re that thirsty, take some Coke.

7. Never visit an esthetician

To pay all that money for someone to apply to your face products you can apply at home? Why would you wanna be that crazy?

It’s not like you’re going to hear something you didn’t know before. Not like they have access to products and tools that would be difficult to use at home. Research-based knowledge and years of experience? Give me a break.

8. In what world is less more?

Less is not more. More is more. So, always apply as much as possible. Whether it’s exfoliant, serum, toner, retinol… Apply 10 times more – get 10 times better results.

I mean, it’s not like it can hurt or anything.

9. Leave that makeup on

If you take off all of your makeup before going to bed, then how are you going to wake up looking pretty?

Plus, who even has time for all those steps? You need to get your beauty sleep :-).

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