A photo of one of the best lotion bars and lotion sticks

Best Lotion Bars & Lotion Sticks – What They Are and Which are Best

Lotion bars and lotion sticks are solid moisturizers with low water content, which means they need less preservatives. Solid moisturizers deep moisturize your skin and coat it in a protective nourishing layer. Compared to regular lotions, lotion bars are also travel-friendlier and easier to use …

A girl trying out pumpkin beauty products

Pumpkin Skincare – What are the Best Pumpkin Beauty Products?

Here’s what dermatologists have to say about the benefits of pumpkin for skin, plus 10 best pumpkin skincare products to snatch up right now… Pumpkin contains several skin-friendly nutrients, including beta-carotene, vitamin C, alpha hydroxy acids, fruit enzymes, zinc and potassium, etc. It gently exfoliates …


Summer Skincare Tips – All Essentials of a Summer Beauty Routine

10 essential summer skincare tips – how to slightly alter your skincare routine during the warm, sunny months and enhance your summer beauty to the max… Your summer skincare routine needs to provide solutions to problems such as intense UV exposure, excess sweating and dehydration. …