How to Save Money on Makeup – 8 Easy To Follow Tips

A girl using a swatch chart in order to save money on makeup

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Written by Ana A.

All of us makeup lovers have one thing in common – we spend crazy amounts of money on makeup.

You see, it’s not the most affordable hobby out there. If there’s one bad thing about makeup, it’s being very expensive. There’s a product for every part of your face, and then there are different shades of that product, as well as different formulas…

This goes on and on! How many times have you gone to Sephora to get an eyebrow pencil and got out with a bag full of makeup and a long receipt?

We’ve all been there – we’ve all “accidentally” spent a huge chunk of our paycheck on makeup. Because sometimes we simply can’t resist the things we love. Of course we’ve all regretted this decision at least once, because being broke is never fun.

If you can relate to this, you’re probably trying to figure out how to stop spending so much on beauty products, while still being able to play with makeup and try out new formulas…

1. Ask for Samples

Different samples of makeup to help you save money on makeup
This is such an obvious tip, but a lot of people hesitate to ask for samples when shopping for beauty products. Samples are essentially free makeup and while you won’t get much use of the product, you’ll get a clear idea of whether you really need it or not.

If there are no samples available, use testers at the store. Swatch, test and carefully examine each product before you make a purchase. This can save you from wasting your money on products that don’t work on your skin type and skin tone!

2. Use Coupons

Of course, coupons can save you a lot of money! Before you buy your products, don’t forget to check for coupons and discount codes.

3. Buy Travel Size

If you feel like you have to have a certain shade of blush or a bronzer, but you’re not sure if you’ll ever actually use it up and hit pan – buy it in a smaller size! Travel sizes of makeup products are usually half the price, and this type of packaging is actually very practical and easy to carry around.

Another cool thing about buying a smaller amount of product is the fact that it won’t get gross and expired – you’ll likely use it all! This will also give you a chance to thoroughly test out the product and decide whether it’s worth it to buy the full sized version.

4. Hoard vs. Need

How many times have you impulsively purchased a makeup product, without thinking if you actually need it? Have you accidentally bought something you already own, just because you forgot you have the exact same thing at home?

Before you go ahead and spend your hard earned money, you have to be very honest with yourself and decide whether you really need the product, or you’re just hoarding. This will save you so much money as well as space in your makeup drawers.

5. Organize + Declutter

The Swatch Chart for lipsticks

While we’re at makeup drawers – it’s time to declutter and throw away expired makeup! If you take out everything you own and analyze which products you’ve used up and which ones are barely touched, you’ll know exactly what to invest in and what to avoid buying in the future.

How to organize your huge lipstick collection? Get The Swatch Chart! Are we saying that you need to purchase something in order to save money? Yes, you’ve read that right.

The Swatch Chart is an innovative product that will help you organize your lipstick collection and see all of your shades right in front of you. All you need to do is swatch your lipsticks on the canvas and write the shade names and brand below the swatches.

This way you’ll know exactly which shades you own and you won’t be buying doubles ever again. It will also inspire you to use more of what you already own, and stop buying the almost exact shades over and over again. This lipstick poster is a cool piece of beauty room wall art and it’s a great reminder; like a planner – but for lipsticks!

6. Use Multi Purpose Makeup

You don’t have to buy a whole highlighter palette just because of a one shade you like. There are so many amazing face + eye palettes out there! Instead of buying separate palettes for your eye and face makeup, get one that does the job just as well.

You can use your contour powder as a transition shade in your crease, and your highlight as an inner corner shade. You can also do the opposite thing – use a shiny eyeshadow as highlighter on your cheeks.

Makeup is all about being creative, right? So why not find new uses of your products? You’ll be surprised to learn how versatile some products can be!

7. Single Shadows

A makeup swatch chart

Single shadows may seem like a thing of the past, but if you’re looking to spend less, these can be very useful! How many times have you purchased an eyeshadow palette because you really liked a couple of shades, but knew you wouldn’t use the rest?

This is something you always need to consider when buying expensive palettes. A lot of brands offer shades in single pans and you can always look for dupes online!

8. Find Dupes

Thankfully, there are always alternatives to expensive makeup, also known as dupes. If you like a certain shade of lipstick but you can’t afford it, look for dupes.

There are so many amazing brands that create high quality variations of products that won’t cost you an arm and a leg!


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