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5 Best Homemade Tricks for Perfect Hair in 2021

A girl that has beautiful hair thanks to homemade haircare tips

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Written by Ayushi Sharma

I know how strongly you want your hair to be smooth, silky, shiny, bouncy and above all strong and healthy. That’s why you are here. There are lots of hair treatments and home remedies that claim to improve your hair quality, but only a few can meet the standards and give you a hair you dream of.

Being a woman is not easy. It’s hard to find time for self-care, especially when you are trying to create a balance between work, life, relationships and children.

I can totally sympathize with you not being able to take proper care of yourself as well as your hair. But taking time for yourself is important. And so is working on things you want to see improved.

We have got some amazing homemade tricks for you to get perfect hair that will surely not take forever to show the desired results. But first, it is important to know some daily habits that restrain us from getting that perfectly healthy hair.

5 Daily Hair Damaging Habits You Need To Stop

One of the daily habits that damages the hair - blow drying

When it comes to getting healthy, strong, perfect hair, everyone puts an emphasis on all the products and treatments that could help. I’m not saying that is wrong to use the products that can fix the problem. I just want to highlight that it is equally important to try and find the root cause behind your hair problems.

If you have tried every possible thing to get your hair flawless, from store-bought treatments to home remedies, but nothing seems to be working, the problem maybe lies in your bad hair habits.

No habits are impossible to change if you are determined enough to work on them. Let me walk you through the hair damaging habits that keep you away from flawless hair.

  1. Over shampooing: It simply means how many times in a week you wash your hair. If your answer is more than three times a week or daily, you might be jeopardizing your hair quality. According to the dermatologists and styling experts, every time you wash your hair, the shampoo strips away your scalp’s and hair’s natural oil. Consequently, the hair becomes dry and scalp becomes flaky.
    It is recommended to shampoo your hair twice a week for dry hair, and for normal and oily hair you can go for 3 times a week.
  2. Hot shower: Hot water is one of the most likely dandruff-causing habits. It enervates your hair by stripping off all the natural oil it has and leaves the scalp dry and flaky and moreover causes dandruff. You should avoid it at all costs if you want your hair to be healthy and strong.
  3. Frequent improper brushing: Your tendency of brushing hair frequently can damage your hairs and causes hair fall and split ends. Limit brushing your hair and use a high quality wide comb for it.
  4. Styling tools and blow dryer: Styling tools surely make your hair temporarily beautiful, but at the same time they awfully damage the hair. Using a blow dryer and styling tools leads to hair problems like alopecia, extensive hair fall, thin hair, dryness, split ends, gray hair.
  5. Not using a conditioner: Every time you shampoo your hair, your hair loses its moisture and becomes dry. The conditioner restores the hair and makes it smooth and soft. It also somewhat protects the hair against the damaging conditions.
  6. Sleeping on a cotton pillowcase: Cotton has a tendency of absorption. Likewise, when you sleep on cotton pillows, they absorb your hair’s natural oils and make it dry. Now the question is what pillowcase you should use that doesn’t harm your hair. Microfiber pillowcases can be used for preventing hair damage.
  7. Tight ponytails and top knots: Ponytails are pretty and top knots look casual and trendy. But these hairstyles are not as good for your hair as they look good on you. Tight ponytails stress hair roots, cause hair fall, and literally give headache. Top knots are even worse; not only do they cause hair fall and headache, but also invite split ends. If these hairstyles are your favorite or you do them frequently, try to give your hair a break every once in a while.

Now that you are aware of some bad habits that prevent your hair from being healthy and gorgeous, we can chat about some easy natural homemade tricks for perfect, beautiful, gorgeous hair.

5 Best Homemade Tricks for Perfect Hair

A girl trying out homemade tricks for perfect hair

Do you know the best hair care products are sitting quietly in your kitchen? Yes, they do.

You no longer need to spend an extra buck to get stronger and healthier hair. The chances are – you probably already have all you need in your home.

Let’s get acquainted with these incredibly effective homemade tricks for strong, beautiful hair.

1. Hot oil massage with the goodness of vitamin E

Metaphorically it’s like giving premium fuel to your hairs. Vitamin E is enriched with fatty acids and antioxidants. Hot oil promotes blood flow in the scalp that makes hair healthier and stronger. So, here’s how to do a hot oil treatment, just add some vitamin E oil as well.

2. Egg mask for healthier hair

Eggs are full of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and protein. To make a simple egg hair mask, all you need to do is mix 1 egg with 2 tablespoons of olive oil and 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar.

3. Onion juice for hair growth

Onion juice is a famous natural cure for dandruff, hair loss and it has antibacterial properties to keep your scalp healthier and your hair shinier. You can learn here how to apply onion juice on hair correctly.

4. Aloe gel for luminous shine

Having plenty of moisturizing and antibacterial properties, aloe vera gel is considered to be one of the best natural remedies and an effective way for healthier and shinier hair. It fights dandruff and keeps the scalp free of dead skin cells and infection-causing bacteria.

5. Yogurt for smooth hair

Yogurt contains lactic acid, plus it is loaded with protein and has moisturizing properties. All of that makes it one of the best natural ways to get healthy, smooth hair. Although applying curd to hair can be messy if you don’t know how to apply curd in hair properly.

In this article, I addressed some bad habits that are the biggest obstacle in your way to getting perfect hair. In order to get great results, give those bad habits a break and use the above homemade tricks to drastically elevate your hair quality.

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