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Full guide on how to make your eyelashes as long and thick as they can get…

Captivating. Mysterious. Seductive. Sexy.

The look you shoot at someone for the very first time can leave him speechless… But to get that kind of attention, you need to put some effort into emphasizing your eyes to make them really stand out.

Long, thick eyelashes add depth to your eyes, make them look bigger, sparkling and beautiful. They also give you confidence, and that is always noticeable.

Of course, you can always step up your game and get yourself a set of eyelash extensions. But mascara, a bit of makeup and a couple of tricks can give you quite astonishing results.

No matter what nature gave you, there are ways to make your lashes rich and luxurious and your look sensual and irresistible. Use these techniques to boost your eyelashes to the max and be noticed no matter what you do.

6 Steps to Apply Mascara Perfectly

  1. Which mascara to pick – the one that gives volume or the one that makes your lashes a mile long? Would you rather have long or thick eyelashes? Why choose, when you can have both! Mascaras who offer both effects in one usually don’t accomplish either. Rather use two mascaras – one volumizing and one that will make your lashes look long and curly.
  2. First apply the volumizing mascara on the whole lashes; make sure you started applying it from the roots and pay special attention to the small lashes in the angles of your eyes – that will enlarge your eyes and make them exceptional.
  3. Separate the eyelashes as much as you can; there shouldn’t be any clumps. Brush your lashes with mascara in a zig-zag movements. That way mascara will reach to every last lash and cover it, giving it a volume.
  4. Comb your lashes with an old clean mascara brush. This will remove any clumps and ensure all your eyelashes are nicely separated.
  5. Apply mascara on your bottom lashes as well.
  6. Wait for the first layer to completely dry out (around 2 minutes) before applying the next layer. Then use the second mascara (for long and curled eyelashes) and apply it only on the tips of your lashes. This is an old trick that really makes the lashes stand out and defines them in a more natural way than many layers covering whole lashes. Cover the upper half of the eyelashes in gentle, controlled movements only to coat them in mascara.

If you have followed these steps, you should get the absolute most of what mascara can give you. Looks good, right?

But, there are additional things you can do for even better results:

5 Tricks That Will Make Your Eyelashes Really Stand Out

1. Use a curler

Curled lashes are more attractive. Curling lifts your lashes from the roots, which makes them look longer and your eyes look bigger.

Use a curler only on dry eyelashes and before applying mascara. Place it at the base of the eyelashes and squeeze. Do the same with the middle of the lashes, and then with the tips.

2. Warm up the curler

If you want the results to last longer, you can lightly warm up the curler using a hair dryer.

However, if you warm it up too much, it can hurt the sensitive skin around your eyes. Carefully test it on your hand before using it on your eyelashes!

3. Remove foundation from your eyelashes

When you apply foundation and other makeup, some of it inevitably ends up on your lashes. Then the eyelashes become oily and mascara doesn’t last long on them.

Remove all the traces of makeup before applying mascara. Wrap a towel around your finger and wet it with warm water. Then swipe it along your lashes from bottom to top and gently pushing them upward.

This will also somewhat curl the eyelashes. Though the results are not as effective as when using a curler, some girls prefer it because the lashes look more natural.

In the end, use a dry end of the towel to dry out your lashes before applying mascara.

4. Dust baby powder over your eyelashes

This is actually a really cool trick – before applying mascara, take a big blush brush and apply some baby powder or face powder on your lashes! Remove any extra and apply mascara.

The fine particles of the powder will coat each and every eyelash and make them look thicker once covered in mascara. Many professional makeup artists use this technique because it significantly improves the thickness of natural eyelashes.

5. Line the upper inner rims

Line the upper inner rims with black eye pencil. It will fill in all the blank spaces in-between the lashes and give the illusion that there is no any space between them.

This will make your eyelashes seem thicker. Do this after applying the first layer of mascara, when it is obvious where those blank spots are.

Additional Products for Your Eyelashes

As anything else, our eyelashes also need regular care, but we tend to neglect that and then complain they are not long or thick enough. There is a wide variety of products on the market that can help you nurture your lashes, speed their growth and make them long and thick.

Though they may be expensive, serums and balms for eyelashes make visible progress in a relatively short time. You should definitely consider using it if you are not satisfied with the way your lashes look.

Or be creative and make your own natural eyelash growth serum. This combination covers all aspects you should focus on – castor oil thickens the eyelashes, Aloe Vera is making them long and vitamin E speeds their growth.

Natural Oil for Thick, Long Eyelashes

  • 1 teaspoon of castor oil
  • ½ a teaspoon of Aloe Vera gel
  • 3-4 drops vitamin E

Mix all the ingredients together. You can keep the mixture in an old empty mascara bottle and use the brush to apply it. Use it on clean eyelashes every night for a month. Then start enjoying the results…

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  1. Choosing the colors of fake eyelashes is just the same as choosing the ideal color of mascara. Each color has to match the kind of event and the time you will be wearing the fake eyelashes. For example, if you want to add more drama without having to use mascara, it is best that you buy black fake eyelashes. For a more natural look especially during the day, purchase a dark brown eyelash.

    1. Jovana R. says:

      Thanks for the advice, Madelyn!

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