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DIY Scented Candles – How to Make Your Own Aromatic Candles

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Whether you are trying to create romantic or relaxing atmosphere, enhance your bath or spa time or looking to make perfect gifts for your loved ones, DIY scented candles could come in handy.

Their subtle, trembling light and slow release of aromatic fragrances can add something truly special to your evenings.

Knowing how to make your own DIY scented candles can be very useful. Not only it can save you money, but you can also completely customize your candles – the shape, color and fragrance – to your liking.

Commercial candles don’t always live up to the expectations; with DIY candles you have complete control over the quality and it still pays off more than to buy premade candles. Plus, there’s something very satisfying in designing and creating these adorable little things.

Though it does require some time and patience to master the art of candle-making, the process itself is pretty simple and straightforward. It won’t take long before you learn all the tricks of making aromatic candles. After that – it is all up to your imagination.

To Make DIY Scented Candles, You Will Need:

A DIY scented candles and a list of all the necessary ingredients

1. Wax

The simplest and cheapest thing you can do is use some old candles you don’t like. If you’d rather use new wax, you can choose between paraffin wax, beeswax and soy wax.

Generally, it doesn’t matter what kind of wax you use – they will all make good, pretty candles. There are, however, small differences between them that make people prefer one over the other.

For example, most people prefer soy wax for DIY scented candles. Soy wax burns slower than others, which means your candles will last longer. Plus, it is eco-friendly and renewable.

As for the least popular – beeswax has its own mild scent that can influence the ending fragrance, and it doesn’t even retain essential oils’ scent well in the first place.

2. A wick

A wick should be just a little bit longer than the depth of the mold. You can buy wicks on Amazon (they are more than affordable), or use a wick from some old candle.

3. Essential oils

It is well known that certain scents have a strong impact on our mood. Lavender is calming and relaxing, pine reduces the stress level, orange boosts your energy, vanilla brings joy and comfort, apple eases migraines…

Your favorite scent is sure to bring a smile to your face, so if you already have your favorite combination, just go for it. If not, keep trying until you find the perfect one.

The best would be to start by mixing two essential oils. Then, as you get more experienced in making scented candles, you can literally do whatever you want.

4. Color

Make one-color candles or mix as many colors as you like. Whatever works for you – there are really no specific rules.

Your colors will need to be oil-based. You can even find dyes created specifically for candles.

Another thing you can do is use crayons to dye your candles. You can either add them to the wax or melt just crayons (which are also made of wax) and make candles using just them. However, crayon candles usually don’t burn well.

5. Molds

Cupcake or cookie molds, glassware, mason jars, coffee mugs, metal tins… Any container that can withstand heat can be a mold for your DIY scented candles.

You can either leave your candles in the molds or take them out and put them into nicely decorated jars.

6. Double boiler

A pot and a bowl – you know the drill. What size to use depends on how many/how big candles you are making.

7. Decoration (optional)

Glitter, pearls, colored marbles, twine, sand, ribbons, tissue paper… (Check out these “designer candles” – don’t they look classy and absolutely amazing?)

Here’s How to Make DIY scented candles:

An inforgraphic of all the steps when making your own aromatic candles

  1. Let’s be clear – you will make a mess. To protect your stuff and shorten cleaning time, spread baking paper or some old newspaper on your table.
  2. Cut the wax into small chunks and melt it in your double-boiler. Don’t overheat it or leave it on the heat for too long. As soon as it’s melted, it is ready for the next step.
  3. Add essential oils and color. How much you should add depends on your taste and the wax, oils and colors you are using. Most essential oils and colors, especially those intended for DIY scented candles, come with clear instructions that you should follow. However, you will not have a clear image of what you’re getting before you light up your candles. For this step, some experience can make a lot of difference and you’ll get better and better at it every next time you make scented candles.
  4. Make sure your molds are clean and dry. Place the wicks in the center of each mold. To make sure the wick will stay in its place while you’re pouring the wax in, you can use a pencil, a Chinese stick or anything similarly thin and long. Loop the upper end of the wick around the center of the pencil. When you rest the pencil across the top of your mold, the wick tab should be right in the center of the mold.
  5. Carefully pour your wax into the molds until you fill them to your desired candle height. (Keep in mind that some types of wax can shrink a bit while cooling.) If you are making multiple color layers, give each layer 20 -30 minutes to firm a bit before pouring the next layer.
  6. Let the candles cool down. Depending on the wax you are using, it may take anywhere from 4 to 12 hours to solidify. However, you’ll get the best results if you leave them overnight or even longer before using them.
  7. Trim the wick down so that around ¼ inch of it sticks out from the top of the candle. If you decided to leave your candles in the molds, then you are pretty much done. If not, carefully remove them. You can leave them as they are or decorate them any way you like.
  8. Turn on some relaxing music, light up your DIY scented candles, relax and enjoy your accomplishment – you deserved it!

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