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DIY Hydrating Face Mask for Bright Skin and Dewy Glow

And infographic showing all the ingredients for the best DIY Hydrating Face Mask

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This super hydrating DIY face mask can help you get the skin you dream of. It is soothing, revitalizing, rejuvenating, protective, highly hydrating and it helps in dealing with acne and aging signs.

We all need that one super hydrating skincare product we can reach for at any time. Something inexpensive and nourishing, to help with the dehydrated, dull, greyish looking skin.

When you wake up and you look even more tired than before going to bed, or when you simply want to add some glow to your cheeks, this DIY hydrating face mask might be your miracle cure.

But this mask can do even more than that. It can be a huge help in the endless trying to keep our skin youthful, nourished and well protected. Using it once a week can completely transform your skin.

This DIY hydrating face mask will keep your skin plump and supple, soft, smooth, glowing and bright. It protects the skin against free radicals, helps delay premature wrinkles and fine lines and improves the skin’s elasticity. It can also help in dealing with acne and acne marks and improve your complexion in general.

Here’s how each ingredient contributes to this amazing DIY hydrating face mask:

The ingredients for this diy hydrating face mask

Cucumber will refresh your skin, hydrate it and make it plump and supple. It also helps with fading acne marks and dark spots, making your skin clear and healthy. Cucumber is a perfect choice when you need to quickly hydrate your skin and make it look fresh and youthful.

Aloe vera gel is another highly hydrating ingredient. It contains 96% water and many vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Aloe vera gel stimulates the skin’s renewal process, acts as an amazing anti-aging agent and improves the skin’s vitality.

Honey is well known for its regenerating, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It is one of the most popular natural humectants, as it hydrates the skin without making it oily and it is suitable for every skin type. Honey can help you tighten your skin, clear out your complexion and get that dewy glow.

Matcha green tea purifies and detoxifies the skin. This tea is one of the best ways to combat skin imperfections, whether you need to get rid of acne or prevent premature aging signs. It improves the appearance and the general condition of your skin, making it healthy, smooth, glowing and youthful.

Jojoba oil is lightweight and nourishing, so it can thoroughly moisturize your skin without clogging your pores. It is rich in several nourishing vitamins and fatty acids necessary for youthful skin and healthy glow. Jojoba oil can soften the skin, make it smooth and supple and delay aging signs.

Oatmeal powder gently cleanses the skin and improves the skin’s natural barrier, preventing drying out. It is also one of the most soothing ingredients you can find, capable to calm any redness or skin irritation. You can use colloidal oatmeal, oat flour or finely ground rolled oats.

DIY Hydrating Face Mask Recipe

An infographic showing a recipe for hydrating DIY face mask for bright skin and dewy glow

  • 1 large tablespoon cucumber puree
  • 1 teaspoon aloe vera gel
  • a teaspoon of honey
  • ½ teaspoon matcha powder
  • 1 – 2 teaspoons jojoba oil
  • oatmeal powder as needed

To make this DIY hydrating face mask, first blend a cucumber. You will only need 1 tablespoon of it for this mask, so use the rest to make a smoothie or you can freeze it in an ice tray and have it ready for future uses.

Mix the cucumber puree, aloe vera gel, honey and jojoba oil. Add the matcha powder and mix well. In the end, add the oatmeal powder. Don’t add too much – you need to thicken the mixture just a little bit, but it still needs to be very thin and runny.

Wash your face with a mild face wash and gently exfoliate it with a gentle face scrub. Apply the mask evenly to your whole face. The mask should be runny, so you won’t be able to apply a thick layer. But you can reapply it every time it starts to dry out.

Leave the mask on for 20 – 30 minutes. Then rinse it off well using lukewarm water. Make sure to apply your face moisturizer while your skin is still slightly damp. This will prevent the water evaporation and lock in the moisture.

A good, quality face cream (or you can even use a couple of drops of any skin-friendly natural oil) will make your skin soft, supple and well-hydrated for much, much longer.

If you already have your favorite DIY hydrating face mask, share the recipe down in the comments. Or, if you tried out this mask, I’d love to hear your experience with it…

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