Halloween Nail Designs That Deserve a Second Look

We get it. Halloween is that time of the year that excites you the most. More than the creepy movies, hair-raising events and all, you are looking forward to that Halloween party when all that you want to do is to dress to impress.

You have about everything ready: a shockingly made outfit that will never fail to surprise anyone, hair and makeup to complement your look, but with your nails you are still undecided.

If you are looking for Halloween nail designs that deserve a second look, the nail ideas below might just be the inspiration you need. 

Impress With Your Nails

Halloween is a perfect time to bring out the creative side in you and have the time of your life with your best buds and even perhaps, that special someone you plan to impress. The good thing is that you can always find ways to create appealing nail designs that will just fit your holiday get up.

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And what would be more fitting for such an occasion than stiletto shaped nails! Project your feline fierceness with those attractively designed claws.

If you will be doing this on your own, the first time may not be that easy, but once you have gotten used to holding your tools and your chosen nail polish, there will definitely be more chances that you’ll want to do it more than just once. 

Tools to Make Your Nails Stand Out

You can do just about any design for your nails, but only if you have the right tools.

Make sure you pick the right colors that will blend well with your outfit as well. You can opt to have acrylic nail polish or gel nail polish to make an interesting nail art.

You may also want to use some nail strips to create your designs. Other simple tools that you can use are a piece of toothpick and an eyeliner. 

Inspirations for Halloween Nail Designs

You may draw inspiration from everything around you and anything spooky. If you are just starting out, the best option will be the easiest ones.

Bat nails, pumpkin nails, spider web designs on nails, vampire nail designs, skull nails, bloody nail designs — the options are just endless. 

For some interesting ideas, here are some suggestions:

1. Spider web design

I bet this would be one of the easiest that you may consider if it will be your first time to do an interesting, yet eerie art on your nails. 

For this design, a nail art pen may just be the tool that you need, especially if you have a usually steady grip of the pen.

To create this design, you will need to paint your nails with a black polish first. To create the intersecting lines, use a white nail polish and a nail art brush. Then paint the crossed lines with small curved lines to create that spider web look.

Finish off the design with a top coat seal and for a stronger hold. 

2. Press-on nails

Use impress manicure for a sure holiday inspiration. Press-on nails are a quick solution that can transform your drab nails to enchantingly looking nails that will just be right for your Halloween attire.

There are many options if you would rather have press-on nails instead of going to the salon and endure hours on end for an interestingly designed Halloween nail art painted on your claws. You can check wholesale nail suppliers. Amazon also offers hundreds of sellers that you may want to check out. 

3. Halloween nail stickers

How about a more flexible design for your nails that won’t need much time to create? You may want to consider one of the many Halloween nail stickers available in the market today.

Compliment a nail color with a pumpkin nail sticker or whatever nail art sticker design that will make your fingernails look spookier. A quick search on Amazon, Etsy or EBay will provide you with endless options. You can also shop around your local stores to see what you can use any time soon. 


Again, nail design inspiration for Halloween (or for any occasion) is endless. Just be ready to rock your nails with confidence once you’re done.

Remember, however, that it is best to use quality products and tools. Use products from authorized suppliers that always make it a point to use organic and healthy ingredients for their products. That way, you will end up having awesome looking Halloween nails that will remain healthy under those nail coating even after weeks of having the polish on your nails.


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